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The Benefits Of A Wedding Sand Ceremony

Weddings are a source of joy to the couple and bring many people together. Wedding choices are based on what you feel will make it unique. Different types of marriage ceremonies can suit everybody depending on your budget. There are many people involved in planning a wedding so that the couple are happy with the outcome.A Wedding not only joins two people together but also two families that will work at bringing up generation to come.

Planning A Wedding Sand Ceremony
There is no rule on what time the sand ceremony should take place. Many couples choose to perform it while at the church or during the reception. Your officiate will be the one to authorize the ceremony.If you want to make extra special then you can have the service while saying your vows. Each of your life will change after accepting your partner in your lives.

The couple can choose to have the same color of sand or different ones. Using one color for the ceremony marks the new beginning a pair. Sand with different colors symbolizes your unique characters.Your family and friends can participate in the ceremony if you wish. Their participation marks the joining of two families. Inviting people who are special to you makes the ceremony more intimate.

Find a place where you can put the sand before and after the ceremony. You want vases that can show the sparkles of the sand. The sand form beautiful patterns when poured together. The sand will remind you of the promises you made to each other on the altar.

Choose sand that is a special place in your life or where you two hold most dear. White sand used in the ceremony symbolizes God. After the officiate pours the white powder then you two can pour yours, white dust at the bottom shows that God is the foundation of your marriage.

If you are traveling a long distance, then you should make sure the powder is wrapped up correctly to avoid spillage. Sand ceremonies are a great chance for couples to express themselves and even write poems for their partners. You can choose to draft the promises yourself or seek the help of different people to help you as long as the words mean something. Unity candles may blow out numerous times during the ceremony compared to unity sand.The dust will, however, last for a long time and will remind you of the vows you made to each other.

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